CPA Marketing 2021: How To Make Money With CPA

The Complete step by step CPA Marketing Course to become a CPA marketing expert from scratch. A CPA Marketing training course that teaches how you to earn huge profits with CPA marketing

If you want to get a written view of The CPA Marketing Project, you can always refer to this PDF as it’ll cover all the free methods and tools used in the course.

What is The CPA Marketing Project?

The CPA Marketing Project is a make money online system designed for those of you who don’t want to pay for traffic, put your face on camera, or build an email list. This method involves dead simple video creation using 100% free tools and then ranking these videos and sharing them on social media

You won’t need a website or invest in landing pages or any domain/hosting because you’ll be sharing these offers using Google docs, which you’ll put in the description of your YouTube videos.

Throughout the video course, I’ll also show you how you can apply this method using both free and paid tools (paid video creation software, paid landing page builders, etc).

This guide shows how to apply The CPA Marketing Project with free tools only.

Selecting An Offer

There are many networks to find offers for the health and fitness niche. Examples include Clickbank, Market Health, Peerfly, Max Bounty.

For illustration purposes, I’ll be using one such offer from Max Bounty. Here’s a look at the offer I’ve chosen below:

CPA Marketing

I like this offer because it’s in a questionnaire format. In marketing terms, this is referred to as a “micro commitment.” Whenever we fill out a few questions, we are already investing our time. So, when reaching the last question asking us to sign up for a free trial, we will be more inclined to do so. The payout for this particular offer is explained below by MaxBounty:

CPA Marketing

As with most CPA offers, this offer is targeted to specific geo-locations: With this one, we’ll have more than just one country it will convert with. Anyone located in the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK…. …who signs up for a 7 day free trial banks us a commission of $14. We are also good to go on social media as an “allowed traffic type”:

For this method to work optimally, we’ll want to customize these videos. While we can upload them without customization, our rewards will be less. Fortunately it’s quick and easy to customize creative commons videos.

I’ll show you exactly how to do this in the simplest way possible. By making videos our own, we’ll be able to leverage other people’s hard work and domain-specific knowledge.

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 Creative Commons Videos From Youtube And Download  

Creative commons videos are those videos on YouTube we can upload as our own without the fear of a copyright strike.

Here’s how we do it after we type in our keyword(s):

CPA Marketing

Once you click on creative commons, then you’ll get a list of videos. For this example, I’ve chosen a video in the weight loss niche. Scroll down to the bottom of the description to check the license.

CPA Marketing

Now we will go to a site called Insert the link of the video you want to download into the box as follows:

CPA Marketing

If you want to download from the site itself (which is advised), then click on “slowly and unstably.” Click on “Download in web.”

CPA Marketing

Once you’ve got a downloaded video, you can download multiple creative commons videos on the same topic.

To do this, you will follow the exact same process as above.

You can use one video, a combination of videos, images, music, and text. What matters is that this content has a creative commons license.

Next, download these video(s) and put them in a designated folder. We will be uploading them later on.

Now let’s head over to

Creating The Promotional Image

 Once there, click the A4 document.

CPA Marketing

Upload the image of the product to Canva so that it is in “uploads” area. Then scroll down to choose a template you think fits your product image. Here’s the template that I’ve chosen.

CPA Marketing

After this, you can delete the text in the template. Go over to the left side and click on “text.” Drag “Add a heading” over to the template.

CPA Marketing

Then lower your heading to the bottom of the template. Change your “add a heading” text to:

Check Google Doc In The Description Below

Now you should have your image and the text in the template. Change the background colour to an image that suits you.

Here’s the end result of what I created:

CPA Marketing

There’s an interesting advantage of “check Google Doc” over “click link.” This is what’s called a pattern interrupt.

 People are so used to seeing “click the link in the description below” call-to-action that they barely pay attention to it anymore. Not good. We want them to pay attention to!

 Google docs are also associated more with trusted info than sales pitches. So, we will use this implicit trust people have in Google, to our advantage.

Keywords For Our Video On YouTube

Now it’s time to find our video keywords. Go to Google and click on “more tools.” Then, click on “extensions.” Once you get it installed, it will look like this:

CPA Marketing

You should see a blue “IQ” icon in your bookmarks. Type into YouTube your keywords into the search bar. In this example: “Diet plan to lose weight fast.” Then select a YouTube video.

You’re going to get data on the right of the video. It should look like this:

CPA Marketing

There’s a lot of information to take in.nDon’t worry, we only need to use some of this data for our purposes. We can use any creative commons videos from this search term..

Our options are to use a creative commons video that has a lot of views in a highly competitive keyword… …or we can use a video that matches less competitive long-tail keywords.

To rank our video we won’t use this keyword because it’s too competitive. Instead, we will want to use what are called long-tail keywords.

To find these less competitive keywords, just type in your main keywords into the YouTube search bar. For example, if we type in “diet plan to lose belly fat” we’ll get suggestions that people are typing in.

CPA Marketing

These keyword suggestions will be less competitive and easier to rank for. We can choose from among these long-tail keywords for our video title. To make the title more congruent with the video we can add a few pictures.

For example, If we decide to rank for “diet plan to lose belly fat after pregnancy” we can add creative commons images of pregnant women.

We can also find and use “before and after” photos. We can also add informational text in line with the title of our video. This can all be done inside YouTube Movie Maker.

We’ll drag these images onto the timeline along with the creative commons video(s) that we’ve uploaded.

Free Video Editing Software

There are a lot of video editing software’s out there to choose from. If you are an advanced video creator, then go with what you already use. A newbie friendly editing software I like is called YouTube Movie Maker.

It’s 100% free and will help us create the sort of videos we need. Click here to go to the website where you can download it.

CPA Marketing

Once you have YouTube Movie Maker installed, follow the free tutorials. In this guide, I’ll show you the basics. This includes: How to import images, videos, arrange them on the timeline. It’s all intuitive and easy to follow.

Once you have it downloaded, then head over to YouTube. Now let’s head back over to YouTube Movie Maker to create our video. First, click the red button and upload the video downloaded from YouTube.

Next upload the product display image using the red button. Then drag the video into the video timeline. In the overlay section, drag the product/promotional image

CPA Marketing

You’ll be able to place the overlay image wherever you want. By having our product display we’re creating curiosity in the viewer’s mind. The overlay image may irritate some, but most will assume it’s just part of the original video.

Once the video has been created, here’s how it looks:

CPA Marketing

The basic format of our video creation is this:

  • Creative commons video(s) in the timeline 
  • Image or two in the  timeline  
  • Product overlay image.

Setting Up The Google Doc

Now it’s time to set up our Google doc to put in the description. (This “Google doc” tactic is very unsaturated. It was brought to market recently by James Renouf and Jeremy Kennedy in Stripped Down Sales).

There’s different ways of doing this and no one “correct” method. For the health and fitness niche, it’ll be good to provide immediate value. The content you include in your google doc will depend on your offer.

My offer has to do with a personalized diet plan. Over at Google I’ll go ahead and type in: “tips for personalized diet plan We can take from multiple sources to get our top 10 list.

CPA Marketing

Next up: Compile a list of tips and put them in the document. At the end of it, encourage getting a customized diet plan solution.

The Type of Link To Leave In The Description

You are not going to want to leave an affiliate link in the Google doc. Nor will you want to leave a largely untrusted “” link. If you do have a website in your secondary niche then you can use a wordpress plug called “pretty link.”

Here’s how to do it (in the backend of a site I own in the fitness niche).

CPA Marketing

When you have the plug in installed, and then fill out the information. The target url is your affiliate link. Your pretty link is your root domain plus whatever you want to call it. I’ve called mine “plan” and added it on.

For notes, this is internal info for your reference, so just put the offer name. If you don’t have a website, then head over to and buya domain (does not need to be a .com/.net/.org) related to your offer.

Follow the Namecheap instructions there on how to set it up as a redirect.

Getting Our Video Onto Social Media.

The reality is that some of our videos will rank better than others. And it will take a week or two before we start to see a lot of views and commissions rolling in. Over the course of a few weeks, they’ll start to generate income for us.

To really maximize our profits and start earning as fast as possible, though, we’re going to want to get these videos out onto popular social media platforms.

The two social media platforms I’ve chosen to promote these videoson: Twitter and Facebook.

Using these social media platforms will accomplish two ends

1)     Making sales directly.

2) Providing our videos with “social signals” which will boost ranking.

My Go-To Twitter Method (Using Twitter Search)

The “Twitter method” (as I like to call it) really is a method unto itself. This will give us the fastest results of any social media out there. I’ve found that it works best in niches other than “make moneyonline.” CPA offers for the health & fitness or gaming app installs work great.

The reason has to do with targeting keywords using Twitter search. There are people on Twitter tweeting their problems and desires 24/7. All we need to do is type in a common problem/desire into the search bar. In your browser type in:

Type in your keywords and hit “latest.” (It’s best to use “I”    to  ” and also “-https.”). This allows us to avoid other marketer’s tweets on the topic.

CPA Marketing

Common phrases such as “I need to lose weight” bring a lot of results. You’ll be able to see results for as many as 5 tweets every hour.

CPA Marketing

So how do we reach out to people on Twitter?

We can either hit reply or direct message them. Better to hit reply, given that we want others to view our video as well.

Since we’ll be sharing a YouTube video (a trusted link), we should geta good number of views to it quickly.

 What do we say on Twitter to those we reach out to?

Here’s a hypothetical example:

SOMEONE TWEETING TO THE TWITTERVERSE: “Help! I’m so fat! I need to lose weight before my sister’s wedding next month. What to do?”

YOUR REPLY: Hey (name) I saw your tweet about your needing to lose weight for your sister’s wedding. I just came across a YouTube video that will help you out. You can check it out here: (Your YT video link). Do not copy and paste the same reply to everyone.

Just parrot their particular problem/desire back at them, and then tell them you have a video they need to check out. Leave link. Done. Next. Alternatively, you can also leave them the Google doc.

Facebook Groups

You’re probably familiar with posting on Facebook groups That’s all we’re going to be doing here. You’ll join groups in your secondary niche and post your video. I’ll also show you a way you can automate this process.

Head over to and sign up for a free account.

CPA Marketing

Once you sign up, you can start to join groups in your niche on autopilot

That’s right, you won’t have to do this manually. We’ll have this free tool (Pilot Poster) to join them for us.

You’ll also be able to have Pilot Poster post to groups on your behalf. Bear in mind, this tool is optional and you can post manually if you prefer. There’s a risk of getting thrown into “Facebook jail” if Facebook cottons on to you posting to these groups via a bot. The way around this, though, is to calibrate “joining” and “posting” intervals to a safe number.

In the members area, I’ll have links to tutorials to help you with this. Once again, Facebook Groups in “Make Money Online” niche aren’t optimal. We’re better off joining groups in other niches:

Dog training, health and fitness, gaming, beauty, Crypto, etc. work better. On average, fewer marketers on FB actively exist in these niches.


This guide for The CPA Marketing  Project was written for those wanting to usefree traffic.

As you begin to earn CPA commissions, it would be a good idea to invest in tools that are mentioned in the video training — WeVideo + Instabuilder

2.0 + the VIDIQ Pro upgrade.

The resources section in the member’s area will have links to paid tools. Thank you for joining us on The CPA Marketing  Project.

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