Best Baby Massage 2021: How To Give Baby Message

What Is Baby Massage? Baby massage offers a unique way to communicate with your newborn, and in a way that he or she will recognize from the time in your uterus. Massage contributes that intimate physical bond from when he or she was constantly massaged by the amniotic fluid. Soft, loving, rhyth­mic massage can help give the infant a secure and positive attitude to life outside the womb.

Best Baby Massage 2021

Most cultures have developed some form of baby massage. Mothers all over the world have intuitively understood the infant’s need for touch and intimate phys­ical contact. Baby massage is still wide­spread in countries like Russia and India. In some areas of India, the art of massage is being handed down from mother to daughter as a natural part of the art of car­ing for a child.

Baby massage


1.) Daily baby massage contributes to the development of a warm, intimate rela­tionship between parents and child. Almost all of the elements of “parent bonding” are found in massage and can strengthen this important bond. Through massage, you become familiar with your child’s “body language” and can closely follow his or her physical and psychological development.

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2.) Massage strengthens and regulates the circulation of the blood, breathing, and digestion. The gassy stomach is com­mon in infants, and can often be released by a light “colic massage”. Colic pains can be reduced, and often completely disap­pear, by regular massage.

3.) Massage releases tensions. As a result of scientific research, we know today that infants are influenced by their mother’s physical and emotional con­dition during pregnancy. The birth itself can be a difficult process for the child. The transition to a new and unknown world isn’t easy, either, and the amount of knowledge the baby must acquire during the first year can also be a strain. 

Through baby massage, both positive and neg­ative experiences can be released. Stress may be expressed by being tearful and irritable. It can then be good to cry in a parent’s arms, and a long nap often follows.

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Baby massage isn’t difficult to do, and some groups arrange classes for parents and infants. Learning baby massage through books — especially books with pictures — is still the easiest alternative for many people.


Baby massage can be started right after birth. A massage should be enjoyed, and not forced upon the baby.

  • Choose a warm room where the temper­ature is at least 75°F, and where you and your baby won’t be disturbed. Put the baby in front of you, either on the bed, on a table, or on a mat on the floor. Make sure you are sitting comfortably, and try to relax before you start. Talk to your baby about the massage.
  • Use a natural oil (such as almond or olive) or a lubricating cream to make your fingers glide over the baby’s body without pulling his or her skin. Don’t use adult massage oils, which can irritate a baby’s skin. Put a little of the oil or cream into the palm of your hand until it’s warm.
  • The massage can now begin. Be gentle and pay attention to how your baby responds to your touch.

Benefits of massaging babies

Although many people are unaware, massage the baby has a lot of health benefits and development and promote the bond between mother and baby.

Baby massage

Why massage is good for the relationship or with parents?

Several experts have concluded that infant massage is an excellent opportunity to promote and strengthen the bond between parents and children. This occurs because the contact with skin and eyes baby, listen to the voice of the parents and try to make a conversation with the child helps to strengthen the relationship between parents and their child. Infant massage helps the growth of the baby:

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Studies have found that infant massage promotes growth in the baby. In fact, it has been shown that premature babies were massaged gained about 50% more weight, so they were discharged earlier than expected, in addition to long term benefits.

Is baby massage beneficial?

The main benefits of infant massage are:

• Stimulates the immune system

• Encourage the development of the respiratory system

• Releases endorphins

• Reduces stress

• Relax baby

• Relieves cramps and constipation

• It makes the baby more time to rest at night

• Promotes the development of body awareness

Is infant massage helps parents?

The benefits of infant massage lie not only in the baby but also parents. Specialists suggest that baby massage help reduce postnatal depression and helps to strengthen the bond between mother and child.

Babies who undergo this type of massage during their first months of life tend to have more eye contact with his parents, smile more and try to communicate with sounds.

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