8 Mistakes of First Parents: How to Avoid Them

Eight common mistakes of the first parents: When the baby arrives, everything changes in the couple and in the family routine. All preparation during pregnancy and childbirth has to be carried out and it is very easy for the first-time parents to make some mistakes. The First Parents and 8 Common Mistakes

8 Mistakes of First Parents

We tell you the most common faults of first-time parents and not so first-timers to help make this first stage as comfortable and easy as possible for both parents and the baby.

Ten common mistakes of the first parents

1. Trusting over the popular wisdom that the doctor

Must rely on the recommendations of the paediatrician above any other, as science progresses and what before was as true, could be shown that it is no longer. 

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2. Sterilize everything obsessively

If your child is not premature, hygiene does not have to be a concern beyond normal. Moreover, contact with certain bacteria is necessary for the baby to develop its own defences. What is involved is to protect the baby from possible infections, and that is achieved with the usual daily cleaning of their objects.

3, Bathing every day

According to paediatricians, with two or three baths a week is enough. The only thing that has to be taken care of to maintain its hygiene is that after a change of diaper his ass and hands are well cleaned. Of course, if your baby relaxes contact with hot water before bed, bathe but not use soap daily.

4. Do not let anyone take you for fear

Of contagion It is just as exaggerated that in the previous cases the fear that the child will contract something because of going arm in arm. As always, send the common sense: if the baby does not make contact with a sick person, it does not have to be contagious of anything.

5. Sheltering too much

The newborns accuse the temperature more, and tend to both cool down and suffocate, so it is not convenient to shelter him in excess. So that you take, a reference, at an ambient temperature of 20º to 22º, with a body and cotton pyjamas that cover your feet – will suffice. As each child is different if you want to make sure you feel your hands and feet: if they are cold, open them more.

6. Keep the house quiet if you sleep during the day

Although it may seem logical, it is not advisable to try to keep quiet if the baby sleeps during the day. This is because at the end of the month and a half of life the baby’s sleep patterns begin to adapt to the cycles of light and dark, which will contribute to the normal rhythm of life of a house;

Thanks to her she will also know when it is daytime. Although this case allows an exception, and if the mother takes the baby’s nap to rest … all silence will be little!

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7. Shave your thinking that you will get stronger hair

Not recommended for two reasons: because it is false that the hair will grow stronger and because the hair on the head helps to maintain body heat.

8. Sleep in our bed if you do not want to do it in the crib

As in the previous case, for two reasons: the first and more practical is that perhaps we can smash or choke without realizing it, and the second is educational, Because we may be fomenting a custom that in the future should not be maintained.

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