Things to Avoid During Pregnancy 2021: How To Know Them

All the Things to Avoid During Pregnancy to avoid birth complication are outlined in this post. It includes the major Things to Avoid During Pregnancy as well as habits

Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

The pregnancy should not be considered a disease. Although discomfort may occur vomiting, insomnia low back pain constipation, most women have no complications at this stage. It can lead a normal life. However, there are certain factors that need attention because they can be very harmful to the health of the mother and the fetus.

Things to Avoid During Pregnancy

1. Smoking in pregnancy

A study carried out by the shows that more than half of the women smokers continue with this addiction at four months of gestation. These experts consider it beneficial to abandon tobacco radically during this period. In his opinion, no reason for being so heard the argument that it is preferable that women have cigar stress by smoking abstinence.

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Similarly, consuming other recreational drugs is detrimental to the mother. They also harm the baby because its harmful components can reach the fetus through the placenta. If the pregnant woman consumes cocaine, marijuana, heroin, etc. She should inform her gynaecologist to advise her on what to do. In any case, it is obvious that the first step will be to abandon these substances.

2. Drinking Alcohol in pregnancy

Consuming alcohol during pregnancy can damage the baby‘s physical and mental development, as this substance reaches the fetus through the placenta. Therefore, the child may weigh less at birth, grow slower or have birth defects. Despite this, women who did not know they were pregnant and have consumed alcohol moderately the first 15 days of gestation should not be distressed because it is very difficult for the embryo to have been harmed.

3. Travel without medical consent

Before making any trip during pregnancy, it is recommended that pregnant women seek advice from your gynaecologist, especially if it comes to long distances and to countries requiring vaccination. The second trimester is the safest to travel, but if the woman is in good condition, she can do so up to one month before delivery. It is important to know that there are airlines that require a medical certificate for pregnant women of six months or more.

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Performing some physical activity helps to be fit, avoids some discomfort, such as low back pain, and facilitates childbirth. However, not all physical exercises during pregnancy are fit. Those that require greater physical effort such as jogging, cycling or any other type of sport that causes the woman excessive contractions or excessive fatigue are discouraged. You should always start and finish with warm-up exercises to prepare muscles and joints, avoid injuries and recover better.

4. Expose to high temperatures

We all like hot baths, go to the sauna, and so on. However, it is not advisable for the pregnant woman to bathe in very hot water to use saunas, because the high temperatures produce excessive vasodilatation and, consequently, dizziness and fainting. It is also counterproductive for the baby. In summer, you should also follow some tips to adapt your body and activity at high temperatures.

5. Exposing to different toxicants

Although there is no scientific evidence to indicate that exposure to cleaning products and other toxins have negative direct effects on the development of pregnancy. The evolution of the embryo many gynaecologists advise pregnant women to avoid contact with substances such as pesticides, Ammonia mixed with detergent. To clean it must opt for natural detergents also have to use masks and rubber gloves in order to protect themselves.

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