100 Free Images Download Resources For Social Media And Blogging

Free Images Download and Graphic Resources For Social Media Image And Blogging –  The best free stock photos sites for free images download  

Explanation –  The resources are arranged in 10 different categories that cover all anyone interested in social media and blog graphics might need.

Each of the resources has:

·       a link to a website where it can be downloaded or accessed

·       a note that explains if it’s 100% free or requires some payment

o   FREE means the tool/site is 100% free to use and/or download

o   FREEMIUM means that basic options of the tool/site are free to use, while some additional options require payment

o   FREE TRIAL means the tool/site allows anyone to try out what it offers for a certain amount of time, and then it has to be paid)

·       a short description of what it actually offers

I. Free Stock Photos For Download  

1. Pixabay FREE

Lots of really cool free stock images. The site doesn’t require registration, but you have to write a captcha before downloading if you’re not registered.

2.UnSplash FREE

As the site itself says – free photos for anyone to do anything with them. Lots of amazing high-quality photos for any occasion put together in collections and accessible via search as well.

3. Pexels FREE

Another site with lots of amazing high-quality photos, all free to use for any legal purpose, without any attribution required. Users can even upload their own stock photos if they like.

Free Images Download

4. Picography – FREE

This is a little smaller collection of photos, which only means they are more unique and not already seen a thousand times. Also completely free to use for anything.

5. Splitshire – FREEMIUM

Amazing high-quality stock photos free to use, all created by one photographer, Daniel Nanescu. Photos vary from nature to desk arrangments. The site has a Premium part as well with even more photos, for $20 per year.

6.  Life of Pix FREE

A lovely collection of high resolution photos for any use, personal or commercial. The site adds new photos every week, all made by their own photographers.

7.   PicjumboFREEMIUM

Massive collection of free stock photos, in all categories and for every need. There’s a premium section on the site with lots of photos but free ones are just as amazing. They also have a Photoshop Plugin that loads the image library inside Photoshop. It’s not free though.

8.  KaboomPics FREE

Besides a really cool name, this site has over 1000 great photos very appropriate for social media use. They are all tagged with keywords and arranged in categories.

Free Images Download

9.Jeshoots – FREE

Yet another site full of high quality and high resolution photos by one photographer, Jan Vašek from Czech republic. All photos are free to use and download.

10. Stokpic – FREEMIUM

This site has lots of amazing photos free to use, and it has built a little community as well. There’s a premium subscription which gets you 10 new free photos every 2 weeks, that is not published on the site. The site owner donates money to aspiring photographers.

11.Free ImagesFREEMIUM

Feast your eyes on THOUSANDS of free images on this site, and even more if you go for a premium membership. The site is very popular so some images are used a lot over the internet, but the collection is huge and you can find some gems that haven’t been over-used.

Free Images Download

12. RGBStock FREE

A site with over 100 thousand free stock photos in high resolution. Anyone downloading needs to register first, either using email or any of the social media available. Registered users can also upload their own stock images. There’s also an option called „lightbox“ which allows users to save photos in collections for future use.

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13. Splashbase FREE

This is a slightly different site than all above. It’s not a stock photo site per se, it’s a search platform that searches through a lot of different stock photo sites and brings the results together in one place.

14.  Free to use images on Flickr – FREE

Flickr is a huge database of amazing photos taken by people from all over the world. Most of the photos are here just to showcase a photographer’s talent or life, but some are free to use. There are several different licenses on there, so make sure to read them carefully and browse around the category that fits you the best.

15. Startup Stock Photos FREE

This site is a stock photo heaven for startups and bloggers. The owners take all the photos themselves and offer them for free. These photos might not be useful for everyone but it’s surely worth it to look around.

16. Subtle Patterns FREE

This site offers exactly what it says in the name – a collection of subtle patterns that anyone can use in their designs. Sometimes a pattern is all you need, rather than some photo with lots of details. One of the most interesting features on this site is the Preview option on each pattern, which changes the site’s background into that pattern, so anyone can see it in action straight away. Users can upload their own patterns, and there’s a Photoshop Plugin available as well (not free).

II. Tools

17. Gimp FREE

Free alternative for Adobe’s amazing tool Photoshop. Gimp has a lot of similar options and possibilities, it’s free to download and it’s easy to use. It might take a few days to get used to it, but it shouldn’t be an issue, especially if you have used some photo editing tools before. There are a few tutorials in this ebooks as well.


Easily most popular browser-based graphic design software, made mostly for web and social graphics. Canva has a lot of stock photos, pre-made layouts, fonts, icons and shapes that anyone can use in their design. Images are easily shared directly from the app or downloaded to any device.

Free Images Download

19. PicMonkeyFREEMIUM

Simple and easy browser-based tool for editing images. It allows you to add filters, text, frames and lots of other popular elements. You can also create collages, which are very popular.

20.  BeFunkyFREEMIUM

BeFunky is one of the popular browser-based editors. It’s simple to use and allows you to edit photos, add frames, text, graphics and popular filters to it. There’s a premium version too, with a lot more options.

21.  PaintNET FREE

One more free alternative for Photoshop, PaintNET gained popularity a few years ago but it’s still in use and very helpful. A simple tool with lots of options for editing.

22.  Meme Generator FREE

Memes are everywhere these days, and many are made using this tool. Meme generator might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but deserves to be on this list!

23. Recite This  FREE

A browser-based tool that has one simple goal – adding text to images. It can’t be simpler to use – just pick an image, type the text and save it. Your newest social media image is done in seconds.

Free Images Download

24.  Pixlr FREE

A very good alternative to Photoshop, even the interface looks a lot like it. It has a browser app, desktop app and mobile app, depending on your needs. There are lots of options for image editing. It is for more experienced users but it can be learned fast.

25. Pablo FREE

Pablo is a new tool, very similar to Canva but with slightly fewer options – still enough for the basic user. It’s made by Buffer, the company that has a very popular social media management tool. Images are easy to share on different social media, or simply downloaded to any device.

III. How-To tutorials

26.  Canva tutorials

A large collection of tutorials for Canva, tool for editing images. Anyone can find help here, whether it’s about using the interface or creating simple designs. The tutorials are simple to understand, and anyone can learn how to boss Canva in no time.

27. Tuts+ Tutorials

Tuts+ is a popular site among designers online – whether it’s web designers or graphic designers. The tutorials here are mostly for Adobe’s tools, so they are useful for someone who already owns them or is just trying them out and not sure where to start. Here are some of the great basic tutorials that are useful for anyone handling social media graphics.

28.  Adding vectors to your graphics

A great tutorial for those that own Illustrator or Corel Draw on how to add stock vector elements to your graphics, from download to finished design.

29.  Colour guidelines for web graphics

This is more of an educational article rather than a tutorial, but it’s very important. It’s written for web designers, but same tips apply for any graphic design used on the Internet.

30. Twitter image compression and Facebook image compression

Two similar articles with the same purpose – to help you create best-looking images for your social profiles. Use these tips to avoid blurry and pixelated photos that you can often see on Facebook and Twitter.

31. PicMonkey Tutorial

This blogger offers a great tutorial originally focused on creating graphics for Pinterest but the tips can be applied to any social network that loves photos (so, any social network!). There are tips for overlays, fonts, colour edits and similar.

32.  Blog graphics tutorial

This is an in-depth tutorial for creating blog graphics using several different tools mentioned before. It’s a great example of thinking outside of the box, where you don’t have to make the whole graphic in one tool, but mix a few tools together.

IV. Video tutorials

33. How to Create Custom Graphics for Your Blog

This video tutorial by Thrive Themes is here to help you with designing graphics for blog. It uses free tools like Canva and walks you through the process.

34. How To Design Stunning Graphics That Are Fully Optimized For WordPress

A great how-to video for creating graphics for blogs using free tools like Canva and PicMonkey.

35.  Social media design using Photoshop

In this tutorial by Gareth David, anyone can learn how to create the best images for their social media profiles. He has several other useful videos, so we suggest you browse around his channel.

36.  Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: The Basics for Beginners

This is a long but very in-depth tutorial for everyone trying out Photoshop for the first time. It covers all the basics, from creating documents, to layers and tools.

37. Shawn Barry, Creative

A channel ran by Shawn Barry, a graphic designer for some of the biggest world companies. He has a lot of videos, including Design101 tutorials that explain the designing process and creative thinking.

38.   tutvid

This channel is run by designer Nathanial Dodson and has over 200 000 subscribers. It includes some great tutorials, mostly for Photoshop and other Adobe tools.

39.  Photoshop Tutorials

If you need to learn a trick in Photoshop, this is the channel for you. From changing eye color to adding rain to images, it has it all. Over 400 000 subscribers show how useful this channel is.

40.   Kimberly Ann Jimenez

Kimberly Ann Jimenez has a YouTube channel made for bloggers and social media users. She has a lot of tutorials and how-to videos about creating social media and blog graphics, as well as other things like analytics, strategies and similar.

Free Images Download

41. Image Editing Basics in GIMP

This tutorial is great for adding that final touch to your photos, using a free tool. It’s made for beginners and the results are great.

42. How To Take Better Pictures With Your Smartphone (iPhone/Android) – 5 Tips

Taking photos with your smartphone for your site or social media is a great way to make sure your photos are 100% unique. Of course, a smartphone camera is not as good as a professional camera, but the photos can look amazing still. Check this tutorial for some tips!

43. Gimp video tutorial

This is a great tutorial that will help anyone starting to use Gimp. It really goes in depth with explanation of tool and various options and tools it offers.

44. Photoshop Tutorials by PHLEARN

Another YouTube channel dedicated to Photoshop and how to work with it. It’s filled with great and easy-to-follow tutorials, ranging from basics like explaining keyboard shortcuts, to detailed tutorials like creating an Apple Watch in Photoshop. 

Free Images Download

45.  How To Take & Edit Minimal Instagram Photos

While we’re at photography, here’s a great tutorial for taking and editing Instagram photos. Instagram is all about the photos, so anyone posting there and trying to get noticed needs to work on their photo skills.

V.               Fonts

46.         Font Squirrel FREEMIUM

A wonderful collection of modern fonts, with new ones, constantly added. Fonts have different licenses, some can be used everywhere and some only in graphics. There’s a section with „Almost free“ fonts, with hugely discounted premium fonts.

47.         DaFont FREE

Massive collection of all kinds of fonts, from modern and script ones to those with graphic symbols and drawings. You can find a font here for any occasion, and all free. New fonts added daily.

48.         1001 Free Fonts FREE

Similar to DaFont, with a huge collection of free fonts for any use, updated daily.

49.         1001 Fonts FREE

Thousands of free fonts separated in well-organized categories. All fonts are free to use.

50.  Free fonts section on Urban Fonts – FREEMIUM

Urban Fonts collect thousands of fonts, both free to use and premium ones. They have a section with good deals for buying fonts as well.

51.   Free fonts section on Behance – FREEMIUM

Behance is an internet community for sharing and showcasing design. There’s a section with fonts, where designers post their creations daily. Most of them are not free, but there’s some that are. A very good collection of designer fonts that are unique and beautiful.

52.         Free Typography FREE

A wonderful collection of free designer fonts that will give a special note to any design. New fonts are added from time to time, from modern to script types.

53.         Befonts FREE

A lovely collection of fonts, beautifully showcased on the site, you will want to download them all. They are sectioned in a few categories for easy search.

54.         Font Space FREE

Lots of wonderful modern fonts from over 2000 different designers. New ones are added often, and all fonts are free to use.

Free Images Download

55.  Free fonts section on Fontspring – FREEMIUM

Fontspring is mostly focused on commercial fonts that are not free but have quite a few for those not prepared to spend money on fonts.

56.         Font River FREE

Free downloadable fonts, over 20 000 of them to pick from. What is special about this site is that it has a nice blog with tips and tricks about typography.

VI.            Vectors & icons

57.         Freeble FREE

This site is actually a collection that gathers free resources originally posted on popular online community Dribble (hence the name). The freebies cover all aspects of web design, from simple backgrounds, PSD files, patterns, to HTML and CSS codes.

58.         Freepik FREEMIUM

Freepik is our personal favourite when it comes to stock graphics, for any project we are working on. A huge collection of amazing vectors, icons, PSDs. It requires attribution to the authors of graphics unless you go with a premium membership.

Free Images Download

59.         Freebies Bug FREE

Freebies Bug has lots of free resources for different tools, and the most are PSD files used in Photoshop. There are also codes, fonts, and some stock photos as well. Anyone can upload their own freebies as well.

60.         365psd FREE

As the name says, the site is full of PSD files free to download. It has website layouts, icons, mockups, and other exciting stuff. It also has a free vector section with over 50.000 vectors. People can upload new files themselves if they created them.

61.         Vecteezy FREEMIUM

This site offers tons of free vectors, with a lot of icons and patterns that are useful for all projects. There’s also a premium section with more resources.

62.   Free vectors section on 1001freedownloads – FREE

1001freedownload offers free resources like vectors, brushes, photos, fonts, icons, and more. The collection is pretty big so anyone can find something for themselves.

63.         Free Vectors FREE

A name speaks for itself – there are free vectors on this site. Not all vectors are free for commercial use, but most of them are. Users can even add their own creations.

64.  Free vectors section on Vector Stock – FREEMIUM

VectorStock is a premium vector sharing site, with a section for free vectors. They are not as high quality as premium ones, but there are lots of good vectors that anyone can use as they like.

65. Free design section on Pixeden – FREEMIUM

Pixeden is an online community that offers premium design and web resources to its members. But, there’s a section with free-to-use vectors, PSDs and codes, with some stunning examples for mockups, logo design and similar.

66.  UISpace FREE

Uispace is a collection of free resources for user interface design, which can also be used for graphics, of course. There are PSD files, mockups, fonts, icons and vectors to browse through.

VII. Templates & helpers

67.  Kraken.io FREE

This site is a huge help for anyone struggling with image compression. It allows you to upload an image that is too big for your site or social media, and it will optimize it as good as it can be. You can upload image sin zip file, or import them directly from some of the most popular cloud storage sites.

68. Compressor.io FREE

One more site for compressing images, very simple to use but with less optionis than Kraken.

69. Hubspot’s Infographic templates – FREE

Hubspot always has some useful freebies on their site, and this one is really cool. They created 15 infographic templates that are editable in PowerPoint – a tool that most of us already own and know how to use.

70.  Hubspot’s social media graphics templates – FREE

Another Hubspot freebie are these social media graphics. They are also made in PowerPoint and can be easily edited and saved.

71.         Material Palette FREE

Picking out a palette for a design is a great first step for any graphic design project, and this site will help with that a lot. Users need to choose two colors from those offered, and the site will create a palette.

72.         Flaticon FREEMIUM

Flaticon is a huge collection of vector icons made in flat design. They are popular, useful and free, so definitely a site for bookmarks.

73. Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast – FREE

This handy Google Chrome app takes screenshots of whole sites. This is useful for graphic designers showcasing their designs, but it can also be used for how-to tutorials. It has an option for screencast, which records a video from screen.

74.         Placeit FREEMIUM

Placeit is mockup heaven! If you’re not sure what a mockup is, it’s a presentation tool that designers use to showcase their works in „real life“ situations. They are mostly used to showcase website designs on various devices. The site has mockup images and videos as well. The smallest versions of mockups (400x300px) are free to download, while any larger ones require payment, either one time, bulk or monthly subscription

Free Images Download
Free Images Download

75.         12 Free Social Media Templates – FREE

In this article published on ShortStack, you can find social media profile templates, ebook templates and blog post templates – all useful for anyone running a blog and social media profiles.

VIII.   Infographics

76.         Infogr.am FREEMIUM

Infogram is one of the most popular tools for creating infographics – they brag with over 4 and a half million infographics created. It’s free, it’s easy to use, and offers a lot of different options and elements. Premium version has a lot of additional options and it’s worth investing in it if you plan to create infographics often.

77.         Canva Infographics FREEMIUM

Again with Canva! But it’s such a handy tool for everything. The infographic section on Canva has, just like regular image creation section, different layouts and elements to choose from. It’s simple, beautiful and easy to use.

78.         Easel.ly FREE

As the name says, it’s easy to create the infographics on this site! You can pick from pre-made templates or create a completely new infographic, with lots of various elements and shapes.

79.         Vengage FREEMIUM

Venngage is a simple drag and drop infographic creator that uses pre-made templates to which users can then add their own elements like charts and icons.

80.  VismeFREEMIUM

A lovely new tool for creating infographics, presentations, and reports. They have a collection of free images and icons that anyone can add to their designs. The finished creations are accessible via URL or can be downloaded to devices.

81.         Gliffy FREE TRIAL

Gliffy is a paid software with free trial that anyone can register for. It’s used to create flowcharts, mind maps, diagrams, site maps, and much more.

82.         Thinglink FREE TRIAL

Thinglink is an interesting new tool that makes clickable infographics. It’s also paid software with free trial. Users upload their own images and graphics, and add to them clickable elements that offer more information, whether in text or visual form.

83.         Piktochart FREE

Another free tool for creating infographics, with templates for posters and reports as well. It allows users to add all the usual elements – charts, icons, photos. Users can easily integrate their own data from Google Spreadsheet or SurveyMonkey and illustrate their research.

Free Images Download

IX.            Apps for smartphones

84.         Wordswag FREE

Wordswag is an app available for download on AppStore and Google Play. Its main purpose is to add text to photographs, in various fonts and layouts.

85.         PicCollage FREE

PicCollage is a fun tool for editing photos. It allows you to edit and cut out photos as you like, and add frames, stickers, backgrounds. Available for download from all major app stores.

Free Images Download

86.         Aviary FREE

Aviary is a great app for image editing. It has several different filters, frames, stickers and tools. It’s free to download from AppStore and GooglePlay. It can also be used in browsers on computers.

87.         Photoshop Express FREE

Yes, it’s a Photoshop app! Of course, it doesn’t have as many options as the real deal, but you can do a lot with it on your phone, from automatic fixes to cropping. Available for iOs, Android and Windows Phones.

88.         Line Camera FREE

Line Camera is a Japanese app for editing images. It has tons of different stickers, doodles, drawings, frames and fonts, and they add new content every day. Users can even create their own „stamps“ which is great for big brands. There’s a version for iOs and Android.

89.         Pixlr FREE

This software was already mentioned in the Tools section, but it also comes as phone app for Android and iOs. It allows users to quickly edit their photos and add text and various filters. It can also create collages.

X.               Inspiration

90.   Behance

Behance is a huge online community for creatives. They upload and showcase their designs daily, from icons to massive billboards. It’s a great source of inspiration but also resources, paid and free ones.

91.  Dribble

Dribble also exists for graphic designers to show off their works, and even get a job. Some designs are even free to use but most are paid.

92.  Awwwards

Awwwards is a site listing other amazing sites on the internet. It showcases web designers, developers and agencies from the whole world.

93.  The Best Designs

This site has hundreds of amazing design photos, ranging from typography to websites. It’s a great source of inspiration if you’re working on something yourself, or a great showcase of amazing designers, because the designers who post here can be hired as well.

94.  Design Inspiration

As the name itself says, this is a site for inspiration in design. It has lots of graphics from posters to photo manipulations to 3D models.

95.   Abduzeedo

Abduzeedo is an amazing graphic designer, who often does tutorials and offers freebies as well. On his portfolio page, you can find various pieces of digital art, typography, branding examples. It’s a great source of inspiration and knowledge for anyone interested in graphic design for web.

96. The Inspiration Grid

The Inspiration Grid has a lot of different categories that serve to inspire those interested. In their graphic design category, there’s a lot of pieces that will inspire anyone, from product design to posters.

97.  Site Inspire

Site Inspire, as they say themselves, is a showcase of the best from web and interactive design. You can find amazing website designs that are almost always very „out-of-the-box“ and different.

98.  Niice

A website showcasing stunning designs in a stunning way. You can simply search for a term that you’re interested in and the site will show you a board filled with designs on that topic. You can spend hours here.

Free Images Download

99. Visually

Visually is a popular site for sharing infographics, but there are other graphic designs there as well, such as ebooks and websites. Infographics shared on Visually are always well designed and will inspire you.

100.  DeviantArt

DeviantArt is one of the biggest and oldest online communities for artists. It’s not only about digital art, there’s hundreds of artists on the site that do traditional art as well, and it can all serve as inspiration. There’s a category dedicated to web design.

Conclusion – Free Images Download

Having visual content on your social media and website is extremely important. People are mostly visual types and will remember something they saw a lot better than something they read. Graphics get significantly more shares on social media than any textual update. Adding illustrations to your blog posts makes them more interesting and easier to read.

We hope this 100 Free Images Download Resources For Social Media And Blogging  showed you that creating graphics isn’t as hard and as demanding as it used to be, and anyone can create their own images in no time.

If you still think you’re not skilled enough or creative enough to do graphics for your site or social media, you can always contact us, and our designers will be happy to help you.

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